EWF: Übersetzung E-D / Übersetzung & Sprachmittlung


Time and place

Important information: please register on sprachkurse.uni-erlangen.de so that your teacher can contact you before the first meeting.

  • Mi 8:15-9:45, Room U1.030 (exclude vac) ICS
  • Mi 9:45-11:15, Room U1.030 (exclude vac) ICS

*3; 5; 1 ECTS.

Students who took up their studies as of WS 2020/21:*

Hauptmodul Language (L-UfE, L-Gym). To be taken in conjunction with Grammar and Vocabulary.

Prerequisite: Zwischenmodul Language.

Students who took up their studies before WS 2020/21:

Optionsmodul Language (L-Gym); Vertiefungsmodul Language (L-UfE); Hauptmodul B (BA).


The translation course will introduce some basic techniques in English-German translation. We will devote a considerable amount of time to a variety of translation-related issues, such as the question of what makes a good translation or how literal a translation should be. Participants will be required to give a presentation regarding typical areas of difficulty, such as how to translate participle constructions or how to deal with culture-specific concepts. In addition, students will be required to translate several texts, which will then be discussed in class. *Es wird empfohlen, im Zuge des Studiums einer Fremdsprache einmal die Übung "Kickstart: Fremdsprachen lernen" (auf UNIVIS unter Sprachenzentrum > Sprachbezogene Zusatzqualifikationen in Erlangen) zu besuchen.*

Additional information

Expected participants: 20