Speaking Skills / Conversation Practice



Time and place

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  • Di 12:15-13:00, Room KH 2.018 (exclude vac) ICS
  • Mo 11:15-12:00, Room KH 2.018 (exclude vac) ICS

*2; 0 ECTS.
Students who took up their studies as of WS 2020/21:*

Aufbaumodul Language (L-UfE, L-Gym). To be taken in conjunction with Practical Phonetics.

Prerequisite: Zwischenmodul Language.

Zwischenmodul I Thematisches Kombinationsmodul (BA). To be taken in conjunction with Presentation Skills, Kombi-Seminar Linguistics and Kombi-Seminar Culture or Literature.

Students who took up their studies before WS 2020/21:

Zwischenmodul Language (L-Gym).


In Speaking Skills, students practice the skills involved in spontaneous language production and discussion activities based on varied subjects and materials. Students interact in groups of varying sizes while working on a range of communicative oral tasks. Students reflect on their progress. Students gain the confidence to engage in spontaneous speech with others and an understanding of the demands of verbal interactions with a number of participants. Students increase the fluency, accuracy and lexical range of their spoken English. They self-assess the development of their oral skills. *Es wird empfohlen, im Zuge des Studiums einer Fremdsprache einmal die Übung "Kickstart: Fremdsprachen lernen" (auf UNIVIS unter Sprachenzentrum > Sprachbezogene Zusatzqualifikationen in Erlangen) zu besuchen.*

Additional information

Expected participants: 25

Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg