GLC I & GLC I Plus


Time and place

  • Mo 10:15-11:45, (exclude vac) ICS
  • Do 12:30-14:00, (exclude vac) ICS
  • Di 16:15-17:45, Room KH 2.018 (exclude vac) ICS
  • Di 12:15-13:45, (exclude vac) ICS
  • Mi 12:30-13:45, (exclude vac) ICS
  • Mo 8:15-9:45, Room KH 2.018 (exclude vac) ICS
  • Do 14:00-16:00, Room KH 2.018 (exclude vac) ICS
  • Di 10:30-12:00, Room KH 2.018 (exclude vac) ICS
  • Do 8:15-9:45, Room KH 2.018 (exclude vac) ICS
  • Fr 8:30-10:00, (exclude vac) ICS
  • Di 14:15-15:45, Room KH 2.018 (exclude vac) ICS
  • Di 8:30-10:00, (exclude vac) ICS

Basismodul Language, BA, Lehramt Gymnasium, Realschule, Mittelschule, Grundschule; 2,5 ECTS.


The General Language Course (GLC) I is the first of two integrated language courses to be taken during the first year. The focus of the module is on the development of language skills through collaborative learning strategies, such as speaking tasks, contextualised oral and written communication tasks, and the active use of a range of different media. Using different text types and audio-visual materials, we will cover specific areas of grammar and vocabulary. In addition, there will be activities aimed at helping students develop their learner autonomy and study skills. Students will also work with Remedial Grammar Verb Advanced (RMVG-A), an interactive practice and feedback tool, which forms an integral part of the course (registration details in class).

Additional information

Expected participants: 25