EASP Mobility Tests

General Information

A mobility test is a relatively uncomplicated way to provide proof of existing language skills required when applying for a stay abroad (e.g. as proof of language ability for a DAAD scholarship).

A mobility test can be taken by:

  • Students enrolled at FAU
  • FAU staff
  • Students from other universities who can prove that the language they need proof of is not offered at their own university.
Please note
This certification can only be used for the given purpose. Proof of language skills (as required, for example, when applying for admission to a degree programme) requires more detailed tests. A mobility test is not sufficient for this purpose.
For organizational reasons, a fee of 15 euros (20 euros for FAU staff and external candidates) must be charged for determining and issuing proof of language ability.
If no special requirements are given for the certificate, the general template can be used.
To make an appointment for a mobility test, please send a mail to or call 09131/85-23469.
Please provide your matriculation number and your reason for taking the test.
Test Procedure
  • Please arrive at the Self-access Language Learning Centre (Room U1.009-U1.016, Bismarckstr. 1a) 30 minutes before your test appointment in order to take the written part of the test. This is a short essay on a topic connected to your stay abroad.
  • You will then read a text while your examiner assesses your essay.
  • You will discuss the text you have read with your examiner and talk about your plans for your stay abroad.
  • You will receive the written assessment of your language competence.
  • Please go to room SZ 03.212 in order to pay the 15 Euro fee and have your form stamped in order to complete the assessment.