FAQ - Frequently asked questions

You do not need to send anything to us prior to your appointment. Rather, we will look at your text and discuss your ideas during the session. You will have the option of sharing your screen in Zoom, which enables us to look at your text and notes together.

Since we can talk about your writing project at any stage of the writing process, you are welcome to explain your ideas for us. We are happy to discuss general questions about getting started, time management, and other concerns that do not involve looking at a text together.

It depends on what sort of feedback you would like. We can generally look at up to two pages during a session, depending on the sorts of details you would like us to pay attention to (grammar, clarity, storytelling, etc.). Many writers guide us through various passages of their papers, jumping around based on their own interests and priorities. Some writers choose to focus on key parts of a paper, such as the introduction and discussion, and others make regular appointments to work gradually through portions of their texts.

Writing consultations are offered free of charge for FAU students and staff. This service is vital in supporting our diverse community in advancing their own writing skills. We are pleased to support our university’s improved graduation rates and high-quality publications.

We customise our appointments in every way that we are able. This means that each consultation varies according to the writer’s needs. When shorter amounts of time are needed, that is perfectly fine. When longer amounts of time are needed, we encourage writers to book follow-up appointments.

We are a pedagogical model. Our priority is to support writers in improving their own skills. One of the services we can offer is to help you learn how to edit and proofread your texts yourself.
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