Language Centre projects

Language Centre Projects

The Language Centre is committed to developing all aspects of its work. Most innovations usually start out as projects funded for a limited period of time, for example designing new teaching materials, devising new ways of teaching and learning, new services or new types of examinations and certificates, and encouraging teaching staff to gain further qualifications.

Projects and results

  • Creating and offering e-learning courses
  • Collaboration for developing C-tests together with g.a.s.t. and AKS
  • Planning and setting up language learning advice service (including language tandems)
  • Planning and setting up a writing centre at the FAU Learning Lab
  • Designing and offering English courses for administrative staff
  • Planning and setting up the FAU Language Service
  • Setting up the Bayerische Servicestelle für englischsprachige Verwaltungsdokumente (Bavarian Office for University Administrative Documents in English – BaySeV)
  • Establishing a professional development programme for language teachers at FAU
  • Developing the AKS certificate FOBIcert® (in collaboration with ZfS Paderborn) for language teaching staff at universities

The results of these projects and collaborations are as diverse as the projects themselves. In some cases, they have led to permanent institutions (such as the language learning advice service at the Language Centre or the FAU Language Service), whilst others have resulted in new teaching materials, new learning formats or examinations which are still being used long after the project phase has been completed.

Institutional project partners

The Language Centre projects would have been unthinkable without the support and collaboration of our partners. At the current time, these include the following university and external organisations:

Förderverein zur Internationalisierung der Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg e.V.

g.a.s.t. – Gesellschaft für akademische Studienvorbereitung und Testentwicklung e.V.

Institute for Learning Innovation (ILI) at FAU, project management for QuiS (Quality in Teaching and Studies)

QuiS at FAU funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research  as part of the nationwide initiative Quality Pact for Teaching

The Bavarian State Ministry of Science and the Arts

VHB – Virtual University of Bavaria, (online courses and materials)

ZfS (Centre for Language Studies) at the University of Paderborn

ZiWiS – Center for Applied Philosophy of Science and Key Qualifications


AKS – Arbeitskreis der Sprachenzentren an Hochschulen e.V. (Working Group of Language Centres)

CercleS – La Confédération Européenne des Centres de Langues de l’Enseignement Supérieur

FaDaF – Fachverband Deutsch als Fremdsprache (Specialist association for German as a foreign language)

FOBIcert® – the training certificate for language teachers at universities

UNIcert® – the seal of quality for language teaching, testing and certification at universities