Examinations at the Language Centre

Generally, language examinations can be split into those which assess proficiency in a language at one particular time and those aimed at checking whether learning outcomes have been achieved once a course has been completed. The following types of examination can be taken at the FAU Language Centre:

Assessing language proficiency for admission to degree programmes or courses
  • DSH examination for international students aiming to study in Germany
  • Placement tests for gaining admission to courses
Examinations as a course achievement
  • Course/module examinations for students of foreign languages (BA and MA)
  • Course examinations for ‘free electives’ in a teaching degree (Lehramt)
  • State Examinations for teaching degree programmes
  • Foreign language courses integrated into programmes other than language studies (as compulsory or compulsory elective modules)
  • Course examinations as key qualifications for students studying a language for academic and special purposes.
Proof of language proficiency and other certificates
  • HSK (Chinese)
  • DSH and TestDaF (German)
  • TOEFL (English)
  • GR Zert (Modern Greek)
  • TISUS (Swedish)
  • UNIcert® (16 accredited languages)
  • Mobility tests (all taught languages)