Ibero-Romance Languages

Welcome to the Department of Ibero-Romance Languages

The Department of Ibero-Romance Languages is responsible for language courses in Spanish as part of the degree programmes BA Ibero-Romance Languages, MA The Americas/Las Américas and MA Romance Studies as well as in teaching degrees in Spanish (Lehramt Gymnasium).
In Erlangen, it also offers courses in Spanish and Portuguese which can be taken by students (as key qualifications, free electives or compulsory electives) in preparation for a stay abroad or for other international activities and qualifications. As well as general elementary courses (A1-B2), students at the higher levels (from B1) can also take specific courses focusing on grammar, area studies, listening comprehension or translation, or courses focusing on specific technical language or tailored to prepare students for the world of work.

Catalan is not currently on offer.

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