Language Learning Advice

Language learning advice at the Language Centre’s Self-Access Language Learning Centre

Our language learning approach focuses on encouraging and supporting learners on their journey towards becoming autonomous language learners. We would like to encourage you, as a learner, to decide yourself on what support you need to maximise your learning and what you would ultimately like to achieve.

Basically, you can choose between advice on specific steps for learning a foreign language and coaching which focuses more on reflecting on your own learning and exploring the resources available to you.

Our learning advisors have many years experience as language teachers and language learning specialists and have also received training in coaching techniques, meaning that they can switch ad hoc from one scenario to the other.

Language learning advice helps you discover new methods and strategies for independent learning. It also offers you access to a collection of learning tips we have gathered and techniques tailored to your individual situation.

Our advisors are happy to share their experience in teaching and learning languages with you.

Language learning coaching helps you reflect on your own learning process, to think about what motivates you and to set realistic goals, in other words to take conscious and autonomous decisions concerning which methods are best suited to your learning habits on the basis of intense discussions and reflections. Discover which resources are available to you and learn to evaluate and adapt your own approach step by step.

Discover your possibilities and find your own preferred way to learn.

Have you arranged a language tandem with someone, but now you are wondering how best to work together and make the tandem work more successfully for both of you? We are here to help you make the most of your tandem. You can explore how to take an even more effective approach to learning together by making an appointment for advice or coaching, either alone or together.


If you are still looking for a tandem partner, please read here.

Language learning advice/coaching offers…

  • Support for independent language learning
  • Additional practice for practical language modules
  • Support in reflecting and taking decisions
  • Advice on expanding your own learning strategies
  • Advice for learning languages in a tandem

Language learning advice is open to all students at FAU, free of charge and without any obligation.

Please note that we cannot offer any tutoring or correct any of your work during language learning advice sessions, and we cannot guarantee that your learning will be successful. However, we still recommend that all language learners take part in an advisory or coaching session, even if you don’t have any specific problems with learning a language.

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