Autonomous Language Learning

Focus on learner autonomy

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Are you looking for a way to improve your foreign language skills outside of or in addition to language classes?

Do you want to work with a language at your own speed, without going to classes?

This is where we can help. We focus on what you want to achieve. We cater as effectively as possible to your individual needs by providing suitable staff and resources:

Language learning: advice and coaching

Our trained language learning advisors are here to help you set goals, identify suitable resources and draw up an individual learning and action plan, as well as putting it into practice. Your wishes and needs are central to the consultation process and give the advisors a basis to work on when encouraging you to become a successful and independent or autonomous learner, taking your learning habits and your own individual situation into account at all times. Find out more!

Learning spaces

Whether you would rather study alone or in small groups, you can be sure to find the environment most suited to achieving the learning outcome you have set yourself: rooms and locations suited to the special requirements of learning a foreign language are available depending on whether you are looking for an informal learning environment, or a place for group work or focused individual learning.


The Self-access Language Learning Centre provides a wealth of analogue and digital textbooks and practice materials for self study. Our media library contains thousands of resources in many different formats which you can use when studying.

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