Schreibzentrum / Writing Centre

Writing Centre

The Schreibzentrum / Writing Centre offers one-on-one writing consultations to assist members of the FAU community in improving their own writing. Individualised writing support is available for non-native German speakers writing in German and both native and non-native English speakers who are writing in English.


Information about how to make an appointment and what to expect during a writing consultation is available here:




While we are unable to offer content-related advice and we do not correct or edit texts, we are more than happy to support writers in improving their own texts and becoming more experienced editors of their own work.

If you have any questions, you are welcome to contact us:

for German:

for English:


Do you have any questions about academic writing? Are you new to writing texts in German or English at university? Would you like to work on improving your texts? Have you perhaps just been given a topic for a written assignment or thesis?

If the answer to any of the above questions is yes, then ...

The Virtuelle Hochschule Bayern (Virtual University of Bavaria) offers instructor-led online courses for all FAU students, for which ECTS credits can also be earned. For German as a foreign language, there are some courses that are helpful if you want to get to grips with writing or reading academic...

Would you like to gain expertise in coaching others writing in English?
If this sounds appealing, you may consider taking the course Writing Tutoring: Theory and Practice. In addition to riveting readings and lively discussions on topics related to tutoring and writing pedagogy, we will learn to


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