Information desk and secretary’s office in Nuremberg

Nuremberg information desk for students

The information desk in Nuremberg is the first port of call for students. This is where students should go if they need a certificate proving they have taken a course or if they need any information, for example on placement tests, or who is the right person to contact in the various departments. This is also where UnivIS entries are kept up to date, rooms are allocated and details of courses offered by the Language Centre are recorded.

Secretary’s office

The secretary’s office in Nuremberg is responsible for all administrative duties at the Foreign Languages Department in Nuremberg. It also assists the Nuremberg branch of the Examinations Office when students have problems with examination records in mein campus.

Information for students at the Regensburger Straße Campus

The Language Centre does not have a secretary’s office or an information desk at Regensburger Straße Campus in Nuremberg. Students at the Regensburger Straße Campus should contact the information desk or secretary’s office in the Lange Gasse (School of Business, Economics and Society) or the relevant language departments.