FAU Language Service

FAU Language Service

The FAU Language Service supports the internationalisation objectives of the University by ensuring that the language used to present the University to an English-speaking audience is professional and consistent. We also translate important websites and documents from German to English for the University Administration and the faculties to support international students and researchers.

The Language Service offers other institutes at FAU paid translation and editing services, which are also available to researchers and students. We generally accept texts in German or English – but we are happy to provide advice for other language combinations.

Press releases, brochures and flyers, websites and academic papers are just a few examples of documents we translate and edit. If you need any further information or you would like a quote for translation or editing services, please contact us.

The Language Service provides certain translations free of charge, in particular those relating to FAU’s internationalisation strategy. This includes:

  • Forms and templates from the University Administration
  • Administrative documents relevant to students at all faculties
  • General information and announcements
  • Marketing material
  • Press releases and research reports
  • FAU website

Any requests for translations of University Administration websites must go through the Web Team. Please contact the Web Team.

Please note the following when requesting a translation from the Language Service:

  • The time needed to complete a translation depends on the available resources. When requesting a translation, please be sure to let us know if you need it by a specific deadline or at short notice.
  • The customer is responsible for ensuring that the content of the source text is correct.
  • The preferred format is .docx or .xliff. Other formats (especially .pdf) entail additional costs or longer turnaround times; we are happy to provide further information on request.
  • The file should only contain the text to be translated (without any highlights, comments etc.).
  • We deliver the translation in the same format as the source text. Unfortunately, we cannot provide any additional formatting services such as creating a bilingual form.
  • Unless specified otherwise, the translation will be done in British English.

Please feel free to send us preferred terminology or reference material in a separate file.

If you need any further information or you would like to request a translation, please contact us by email – ideally with the text for translation attached.