Glossary “LookUp”

Our glossary – LookUp

In an effort to standardise general university-related terminology, we offer an open access online glossary which is updated on a regular basis:

Please note that LookUp is not a general dictionary. It only contains specialist university terminology applicable to FAU.

Please use a browser supported by the Erlangen Regional Computing Centre, RRZE (e.g. Firefox). Please make sure you have the correct language settings applied when searching.


Frequently asked questions – FAQs

LookUp is a web application for finding FAU-specific university terminology which has been checked and approved. This supports the consistent use of central terms, ensuring that standard corporate wording is used across the University.

LookUp is restricted to FAU-specific terminology in the university context. It is not a dictionary and therefore does not include any general language terms such as registration.

We can only include terms which have been clearly approved throughout FAU. We add terms to the database on a regular basis and ensure that it is always kept up to date. If there is a certain term you need which is missing or if you would like to make a suggestion, please feel free to contact us. We’re always happy to be involved in the standardisation of English terminology.

No. We work with our very extensive internal Language Service translation memory, which stores all of the translations we have ever produced in sentence-based units that can be referred to and used again in other translation projects.

We are happy to hear from you. Please forward your suggestions to
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