Other learning formats

In addition to language courses, the Language Centre has a wide range of learning formats that seek to cater to the requirements of an increasingly diverse audience:

Writing Centre

In the Writing Centre, students and FAU staff can receive individual consultations or attend courses to improve their academic writing. The Language Centre assists the Writing Centre with the following:

English for administrative staff

As part of the Admins going global certificate, a wide range of compact courses, workshops and coaching is available to administrative staff at FAU wishing to develop their English language skills.

Autonomous learning for foreign languages

The Language Centre promotes autonomous learning with suitable structures such as the Self-Access Language Learning Centre, by providing comprehensive advice on language learning and with courses for self-regulated learning such as the language workshops and native language tutoring.

The Self-Access Language Learning Centre

The Self-Access Language Learning Centre has been specially created for independent learning outside the classroom, where foreign language learners can find a well-equipped and pleasant space and a large selection of media for learning a foreign language.

Language learning advice

The language learning advice service supports, encourages and accompanies foreign language learners who would like to pursue their personal learning objectives more efficiently, who require support on their journey towards becoming an independent learner, or who are simply looking for new ways of learning a language even more intensively.

During professional learning advice sessions, learners develop individual learning techniques and strategies tailored to their needs with the aim of either reducing or avoiding any difficulties they may encounter when learning a foreign language.

The language learning advisors help them to develop specific, feasible and checkable goals and to reflect on to what extent they have been met.

Kickstart, language workshops, advice from native speakers and language tandems

The language workshops are designed for focused learning in independently-organised groups. They take place during semester breaks. Learners prepare topics they have chosen themselves from culture and geography or language, exchange their experiences and discuss current topics in culture, language and politics under the supervision of a tutor who is a native speaker.

The workshop called Kickstart: Success with language learning aims to teach or improve the skills that are important for learning a language, such as motivation, time management or learning strategies and techniques.

Native-language tutoring enables all students to gain further experience in language learning outside the classroom in an informal setting.
At arranged times, students can meet at the Self-Access Language Learning Centre with other students who are native speakers of the language and practice speaking in the target language.

The Tandem programme at the Self-Access Language Learning Centre enables language learners who speak different languages to meet with others in order to improve their knowledge of the native language of their tandem partner. Learners benefit from being able to chat in an informal setting and from the support offered by the Self-Access Language Learning Centre as well as the suitable space and materials the Centre provides.


Digital teaching and learning materials are regularly created at the Language Centre which can be used both for self-guided learning and within the context of language courses. Please click here for a list of digital teaching and learning materials created during the various projects.