Self-Access Language Learning Centre (SALC)

Self-Access Learning Centre

The Self-Access Language Learning Centre (U1.012, Bismarckstraße 1a in Erlangen) was especially created with autonomous learning in mind and designed specifically to combine optimal working and studying conditions with relaxing elements in order to be suitable for all types of independent learning. It provides space for communication or quiet work, for working together on a project or concentrating on an individual task. The wealth of resources on offer at the Self-Access Language Centre allow students to focus intently on learning as well as encouraging a more informal approach to the foreign language.

The main room is equipped with 16 modern, multimedia work stations. There is also a small library with textbooks in nearly 30 foreign languages as well as the ‘TV corner’.

The Self-Access Language Learning Centre also offers two booths which are ideally suited to working either individually or in small groups.

Our concept is reflected in the choice of flexible and ergonomic furniture, and it has been decorated in colours following the latest research in educational psychology concerning the effect of colours on learning, whilst staying in line with the corporate design of the Language Centre.

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