Strategic internationalisation

Like the Language Centre as a whole, the Language Service has an important role to play in FAU’s internationalisation strategy. This covers, for example:

  • Removing language barriers Providing brochures, information sheets to help fill in forms, administrative information etc. in English helps guests, international students and researchers find their feet at FAU, even if they only speak English.
  • Supporting international university marketing Flyers, information brochures and websites in English allow potential new members of FAU to find out in advance all about where they are going to be studying or carrying out research.
  • Promoting international visibility As well as providing information in English, the Language Service also offers recommendations, advice and support regarding corporate wording and terminology management in the academic sector, helping to make research contributions easier to find and ensuring that they are associated with the correct institution.

The Language Service acts as an intermediary, cooperating closely with the departments, offices and committees within FAU which are involved in internationalisation. This is particularly true in areas such as corporate wording and terminology management.

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