Focus on Phonetics

Improve your pronunciation with ‘Focus on Phonetics’

Are you learning German as a foreign language and would like to improve your pronunciation?

Would you like to work on your pronunciation, but don’t know where to start?

Are you looking for materials you can use to improve certain aspects of your pronunciation?

Then visit the Self-Access Language Learning Centre and make an appointment for a ‘Focus on Phonetics’ session.

A ‘Focus on Phonetics’ session involves meeting one of our staff trained in speech therapy who will analyse your pronunciation and give you specific advice on which aspects of your pronunciation you can improve in order to help you speak German more clearly or with less of an accent.


After the meeting, you will receive a feedback form, which provides you with information about

  • Aspects of your pronunciation you can improve
  • Materials you can use to work on your pronunciation independently
  • Various courses or individual training sessions geared specifically towards improving pronunciation



What is ‘Focus on Phonetics’?

‘Focus on Phonetics’ is a one-on-one session for analysing your pronunciation.

Is it a language course?

No, ‘Focus on Phonetics’ is a meeting for analysing your pronunciation and not a class. It can be used to complement courses in phonetics, normal language courses, and for self-study.

How does it help me?

Your current pronunciation in German is analysed during the session. You are given specific advice on whether you should, for example, improve your intonation or the pronunciation of specific sounds (such as U/Sch), so that you can speak German more clearly. You can then discuss the results and are given a written summary, which you can use to efficiently improve the aspects of your pronunciation that are most important to you.

Who can apply for these sessions?

‘Focus Phonetics’ is aimed at everyone learning German at FAU, whether they are attending a course or not, from level B1 (CEFR) and above.


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