Native-language tutoring

A MUST for anyone serious about mastering a foreign language

Are you studying Italian, French, Spanish or German?

Would you like to practice your language more, especially by talking to native speakers?

Increase the amount of time you spend speaking the language by coming to our native-language tutoring sessions.

As a student, these give you the opportunity to gain further experience in learning the language outside the classroom in an informal setting. At arranged times, you can meet other students who are native speakers of the language at the Self-Access Language Learning Centre and practice speaking…

… informally

… without a learning plan

… without grades

… without an examination

There are two types of ‘native-language tutoring’:

  1. Presentation discussion

You can bring along materials or presentations you have prepared yourself and practice holding the presentation for the native-language tutors.
They can then answer any language-related questions you may have or, if you want, correct the language at those places where you encountered difficulties.

  1. Drop-in consultation sessions

The drop-in consultation sessions give you the opportunity to practice your language in an everyday context. You can come along to these sessions whenever you feel like having a relaxed, informal conversation on an equal footing, and can find out more about the country and its culture as well as idiomatic phrases or correct pronunciation.
It is up to you to decide what you want to talk about.

The tutors are always available for a chat at the pre-arranged times. Please arrange an appointment online in advance. The tutoring sessions are always held in the Self-Access Language Learning Centre.

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