Kickstart workshop

Kickstart Workshop

The Kickstart workshop is offered to provide learners of a foreign language (all levels) with help in becoming effective autonomous learners. The workshop covers various topics which can be used to study foreign languages more effectively and successfully, giving learners the opportunity to share their experiences of best practices and discuss new approaches and mindsets best suited to focused learning.

The compact modules in the workshop are:

(A) Motivational aspects in learning foreign languages

(B) Time management in learning foreign languages

(C) Integrated learning of foreign languages

(D) Learning strategies and techniques for learning foreign languages

(E) Dealing with language examinations

The workshop helps you to

  • understand and reflect on your own learning processes
  • become aware of the connection between your own learner biography and your methods for learning foreign languages
  • decide on your own learning objectives, progression, and topics you would like to cover
  • find the best speed for learning foreign languages
  • select suitable foreign language learning material from all that is on offer
  • analyse the mistakes you make when learning a language and take action to avoid mistakes in future.

The workshop is open to all students. Please register via StudOn.

Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg