Information about the examinations

Information about UNIcert® examinations

At the FAU Language Centre, students can only take UNIcert® examinations for which our institution has been accredited (see UNIcert® accredited languages and levels).

As the the focus of the UNIcert® system is the close connection between university-level language training and certification, candidates must complete the relevant level at the Language Centre in order to be eligible to sit the examination.

Foreign language skills gained elsewhere can only be accredited under certain conditions. The decision shall be taken by the relevant head of department.

You must register to take a UNIcert® examination/in order to gain a UNIcert® certificate:


  UNIcert® Basis UNIcert® I


UNIcert® II UNIcert® III



  • Registration via Oktis
  • Registration period: from around mid semester to 2–3 weeks before the end of the semester
  • Registration via Oktis
  • Registration period: from the end of the semester until the beginning/middle of the semester break


  • Registration must be made in person at the information desk of the Foreign Languages Department in Nuremberg, room 2.230, Lange Gasse 20, 90403 Nuremberg.
  • Registration period: from around mid semester to 2–3 weeks before the end of the semester
  •  The current registration dates are available on the entry page of our website.
  • UNIcert® examinations are free of charge for students and doctoral candidates at FAU.
  • Guest students, FAU staff and students enrolled at other universities must pay a fee of €20 when registering for UNIcert.

After registering in the Oktis course management system, please send a copy of the bank transfer confirmation to Brigitte Wohlleben as soon as possible.




Name of bank:

Verwendungszweck (payment reference):

Staatsoberkasse Bayern in Landshut

DE66 7005 0000 0301 2792 80


Bayerische Landesbank

0002.0172.9567 UNICERT Gebühr [name of course], [first name, last name]


The payment reference and name of the course must be included as your payment cannot be correctly assigned to you if they are missing. Failing to include them could result in a reminder letter (and late payment fees).


UNIcert® III UNIcert® Basis UNIcert® I UNIcert® II
Written examination Reading comprehension and written assignment (e.g. summary, argumentative text, transfer exercises, description/commentary of caricatures or statistics)

(150 minutes)

Written examination/course achievements for the course at the relevant level

(See Training plans)

Listening comprehension Listening comprehension of authentic audio/video

45 minutes

Oral examination Conversation
(20- 30 minutes plus 20 minutes of preparation)
(10 minutes plus 10 minutes of preparation)

More information about the contents and structure of the examinations is provided in the courses or on request from the departments themselves.


UNIcert® III UNIcert® Basis UNIcert® I UNIcert® II
  1. Written examination: Usually in the last week before the lecture period begins. The exact date and location is sent to candidates (via the Oktis website > Notifications and dates > Personal messages)
  2. Listening comprehension: Usually on the same day as the written examination (date is sent to candidates)
  3. Oral examination:
  • English > usually after the written examination. Candidates are entered on a list that is displayed on the notice board of the Department of English for Academic and Special Purposes (HaF) on the 3rd floor of the Language Centre after the application deadline.
  • Other languages > usually in the last week before the lecture period begins (date/place nearer the time)
  • Written examination and listening comprehension: Held as part of the course, no extra dates
  • Oral examination: Individual appointments must be made with the teacher (usually at the end of the semester or at the beginning of the semester break). The oral examination for English is also held during course time.
  • Written examination and listening comprehension: Usually straight after the end of the semester. The exact dates and location are sent to candidates via e-mail
  • Oral examination: Also straight after the end of the semester, dates are agreed individually


You will be issued with a certificate after passing a UNIcert®examination.

To pass a UNIcert® examination, candidates must achieve at least grade ‘ausreichend’/grade 4 in all parts of the examination. Examinations which have been failed may be repeated twice; only partial examinations/sections which have been failed can be repeated. Resitting passed examinations shall not be permitted. Resit examinations shall take place at the earliest possible date.

Certificates can be collected from the information desk (Erlangen) and  information desk (Nuremberg). Candidates in Erlangen receive an e-mail notifying them when their certificates are ready for collection.
UNIcert® certificates are usually issued around 6 weeks after the examinations have been taken. However, the processing time also depends on the time needed for teachers to assess work and their workload. We would therefore appreciate it if you could refrain from asking periodically at the information desk.

Please contact the head of department should you require the certificate earlier, for example for the Examinations Office or if you are going abroad.

Due to limited storage space, certificates can only be stored by the Language Centre for a maximum of one year. Duplicate certificates may be issued subject to a fee. Please note that a data retention period of two years applies at FAU which means that is important that you collect your certificate as soon as possible.

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