EASP | Facts and Figures

Responsibilities of the 18 members of staff include:

  • Primary task: Classes for FAU students, in addition to:
  • Half a post dedicated to classes for FAU administrative staff
  • Curriculum development for subject-specific courses for students of the School of Law, the Faculty of Sciences, and the Faculty of Engineering
  • Designing and conducting UNIcert exams
  • Language certificates for DAAD scholarship applicants

On average, the department has approximately 1,300-1,600 students each semester. The distribution of students by faculty is roughly:


Overview of the department’s general and subject-specific course offerings:


To maintain and expand professional, subject-specific course offerings, the department receives additional financial support from the:

  • Department of Biology: Half a post (permanent)
  • School of Law: Half a post (permanent)
  • Department of Mechanical Engineering: Funding for half a post on a semester basis
  • Faculty of Engineering: Funding for half a post for fiscal year 2019 and 2020


The department’s courses consistently receive positive student evaluation scores:


[GRAFIK: departmental course evaluations from past 4 semesters]

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