Information for prospective students

Language Skills as a prerequisite for studying

Please note that language skills may be a prerequisite for enrolling for a certain degree programme. The most important information is listed below.


All undergraduate degree programmes (Bachelor’s degree programmes and State Examinations) and Master’s degree programmes taught in German require proficiency in German. Please refer to the FAU page on application and enrolment for further information.

Preparatory German courses are offered in close consultation with the Language Centre in order to allow students to obtain the required proficiency in German. Further details about how to apply are available on the FAU website, under the heading ‘Preparatory German courses’.

Please see below for proficiency in German required for degree programmes taught in English.

English for Bachelor’s degrees in English/American Studies

Applicants for these degree programmes have to complete the qualification assessment process to prove that they are sufficiently proficient in the language. Information is available on this page from the Department of English for Students of English and American Studies.

French, Italian and Spanish Studies

French: The general rule is that students require a knowledge of French equivalent to three successive years at school or level B1 (CEFR). A placement test has to be taken. Further information is available on the Department of French website.

Italian and Spanish: The general rule is that students require knowledge of the language equivalent to level A2 CEFR. A placement test has to be taken. Further information is available on the Department of Italian and Department of Spanish websites.

Degree programmes taught in English

Non-language related degree programmes which are taught partially or fully in English require English skills at level B2 (CEFR). Further information is available on the Department of English for Academic and Special Purposes website.

You may also have to provide proof of a basic knowledge of German at some point during your degree programme. Further information is available from the study advisors responsible for your subject.

Other language proficiency requirements

Please note that your degree programme may also require other types and levels of language proficiency. These requirements are set out in the degree programme and examination regulations, If you need more information, contact the study advisor responsible for your subject. This page on the FAU website gives good initial guidance.