Information for students

Students enrolled at FAU can take advantage of the entire range of courses offered by the Language Centre. The following information should help you get your bearings when looking for and choosing a language course:

Studying languages as part of your degree programme

The language courses on offer differentiate between

  • Students of language studies: Students who are studying a language as one of their major or minor subjects


  • Students studying other subjects and learning languages for academic or special purposes: Students studying other subjects who have chosen to take a language course for various reasons.

Different rules apply depending on which of these two main groups students belong to.

Language courses at the various locations of the Language Centre

The Language Centre has locations in Erlangen and Nuremberg and is keen to provide all students with a similar learning environment for their language courses. The departments will be happy to answer any questions you may have on matters specific to their language or location.

Placement tests and accreditation

The general rule is that a placement test must be taken before registering for a course of level A2 or above, unless the prior knowledge was obtained by attending a course at the Language Centre.
As a rule, the department in question is responsible for deciding whether or not to recognise achievements which were not completed at the Language Centre. This table offers a brief outline for general guidance.


All students enrolled at FAU are exempt from paying fees for regular semester courses. Further information about the instances in which fees have to be charged is given on this website.