Information desk (Erlangen)

Information desk (Erlangen) - "Infotheke"


Language Centre

Room: Room SZ 00.217
Bismarckstraße 10
91054 Erlangen

Opening times

During lecture periods

in person

Mon-Thurs 11am - 1pm
Fri closed

Online helpdesk:
Mon-Thurs 11am - 2pm
Fri 11am - 1pm

The information desk for students in Erlangen is available in person and online:

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
in person
online helpdesk

If your enquiry is likely to take some time (for example collecting a certificate), please write an e-mail to arrange an appointment outside of normal opening hours.

The online helpdesk is also available during placement tests.

Clicking the green button starts a video call with our helpdesk team. If you cannot see the button, the virtual helpdesk is currently not available.