EASP in Study Programmes

Some FAU degree programs include mandatory English language classes or English language obligatory elective modules.
Please note that only courses that require courses offered by this department are listed here.
In addition, many courses require a certain CEFR level for admission. The CEFR level can of course be acquired in this department. For more detailed information please check  your examination regulations.

Law (state examination)

  • English can be taken as proof of language competence as stipulated in section 24 of the state exam rules and regulations ( JAPO): 2 hours per week over one semester

Law & Economics (bachelor)

  • Compulsory language module (7900): 8 SWS / 10 ECTS

Biology (Bachelor)

Cell- and Molecular Biology (Master)

Molecular Science (Master)

There currently are no compulsory English courses at the Faculty of Technology. However, various degree programs are entirely or partly taught and tested in English and/or expect a fixed level of English as a prerequisite for admission.
Therefore, the department offers a wide range of technical English courses.

Empires and Transcontinental Spaces (Master)

Political Science (Bachelor)

Political Science (Master)

  • You may have been admitted to this M.A. program on the condition that you prove English C1, CEFR by the beginning of the 3rd semester (see examination regulations §2, section 2). Please note that this time frame legally cannot be extended – not by the Pol Sci examinations board, not by the program coordinator, not by the FAU examinations office, not by the Language Centre. You MUST provide proof of C1 English by the last day of your 2nd semester.

Sociology (Single Subject Bachelor)

Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg