Information for international guests at FAU

International students and researchers who come to FAU often have to get their bearings in a new university system at the same time as finding their feet in a new country and a new culture. We hope that the following information will help you find and select suitable language courses.

Information for prospective students at FAU is available here.

Information on language courses for students who have already enrolled is available here.

The following information applies to:

  • International exchange students and students participating in an exchange programme, in other words students at a foreign university who are spending one or two semesters at FAU as part of their degree.
  • Placement students from a foreign university.
  • International guest researchers

German courses

The three groups named above are exempt from the DSH examination. They can take part in the regular course programme offered by the Department of German as a Foreign Language and can prepare for their stay at FAU by taking an intensive holiday course in German.

English courses

 For all other languages:

  • The Departments at the Language Centre are responsible for the course programmes for their languages.
    Exception: All courses at WiSo in Nuremberg are offered by the Language Centre (Nuremberg Campus).
  • Students have to register for courses offered by the Language Centre. Students should generally register via the course management system Oktis.
    Any exceptions to this rule are noted in the UnivIS entry for the relevant courses.
  • An obligatory placement test has to be taken before registering for language courses above CEFR level A1.
  • The course system at the Language Centre is based on the levels of the CEFR, but the course examinations cannot be used as certification to prove that a student has attained a particular CEFR level.

Independent language learning

As well as the languages offered as part of the standard curriculum, the Language Centre also offers all international students a number of possibilities to learn a language without attending courses.

The Department of Media and Autonomous Learning offers a range of different options for learning languages, such as native-language tutoring, a language tandem programme and compact workshops (language workshops). Professional language learning advice is offered to anyone who is interested in autonomous learning, with ongoing support and encouragement provided upon request. Students have the use of structures such as a Self-Access Language Learning Centre with a well-equipped analogue and digital media library.

In the Writing Centre, international students can receive individual consultations or attend courses to improve their academic writing in German.