Writing forum on September 8, 2022

We are pleased to invite you to our writing forum on September 8, 2022, this year in a hybrid format with a mixture of online sessions via Zoom and in-person sessions in Bismarckstraße 10

Do you have deadlines looming for written assignments or project reports? Would you like to find out more in general about (academic) writing? Or are you preparing for the written part of the DSH examination? Come along to the writing forum!
From 10 am until 4 pm on September 8, we will offer workshops in German (for international students) and English, individual writing consultations and a writing room where you can work on your own writing projects in peace.

There is no need to register for the workshops. If you would like to take part in the English workshop, just click on the Zoom link. All other events are offered in the rooms at the Language Centre, Bismarckstraße 10 in Erlangen. The workshops last approximately 45 minutes. If you would like to book a writing consultation, please read the notes below.



When?  Where?  What?
10 am SZ 00.213Brief introduction
We will talk about how you can use the writing forum. You can also raise any questions you may have about the event. The first workshop will start immediately afterwards..

Workshops in English and for international students writing in German.

When? Where?What?
10.15 am Zoom (SZ 00.213)Myths about academic writing in English: from thesis to word (Online)
Katherine Ebisch-Burton
This short workshop will cover four myths surrounding academic writing in English, starting at the level of a complete piece (thesis/article/dissertation), then zooming in to paragraph, sentence and word level. We’ll bust the myths and find out about effective academic writing along the way. There will be opportunities for questions and comments after each section, as well as pointers and recommendations for practising writing skills, further reading and study. All disciplines welcome!

Access at: https://fau.zoom.us/j/61010287885

If you would like to attend any of the other events offered in person at Bismarckstraße 10, you can use room SZ 00.213 to attend the workshop provided you bring your own equipment.
11.15 am SZ 00.213Does my text sound academic? (workshop in German)
Jasmin Haderlein
Academic texts are different. What do I need to bear in mind when writing texts at university in German? Are there any taboos when it comes to language? These are the questions we will look at during our workshop. We will analyze less successful examples and consider what we can improve. Afterwards you will have the opportunity to discuss your own texts in an individual consultation with a writing consultant.
2.30 pm (B1a 00.021) and 4 pm (B1a, 00.011). Tips for DSH texts or other examination texts (workshop in German)
Jasmin Haderlein
You will soon be sitting the DSH examination, where you also have to write a text. Many view this part of the examination with trepidation. What is important for text production? How can I train effectively for this part of the examination? That is what we will look at in this workshop. After the workshop, you can address your individual questions and/or analyze one of your own texts together with a writing consultant.

Further options

When? Where?What?
From 10.15 am
SZ 00.216
Writing room – together instead of alone
Jasmin Haderlein
Working together can motivate you to focus more on your own writing project. At 10:15 am you can try out a guided activity for helping you to get started on your writing. Afterwards, you can continue to write on your own texts in the writing room, carry out research for your writing project, or read. Please feel free to use the writing room throughout the day as and when you wish. Coffee and snacks are available to keep you going :-).
From 11 am
SZ 01.216    
Writing consultations Deirdre Rieker,
Jasmin Haderlein
In individual writing consultations, we can help you to improve your writing process and your texts. We can discuss any questions you have on academic writing, offer methods to help you structure your thoughts for writing or give feedback on an extract from your text.
Booking a session
11 am – 1 pm, for everyone writing in English: Please write an e-mail to deirdre.rieker@fau.de .
12 – 2 pm, for international members of FAU writing in German: Please write an e-mail to jasmin.haderlein@fau .


Katherine Ebisch-Burton is an English language editor and translator specialising in academic publications, communication in higher education, and academic/scientific exhibitions. She holds a doctorate in German literature from the University of Oxford.

Jasmin Haderlein has trained as a writing consultant and is responsible for supporting international members of FAU writing in German at the Schreibzentrum / Writing Centre. She works in the Department of German as a Foreign Language at the Language Centre, where she also gives courses in writing.

Deirdre Rieker holds a first class honors degree in Modern Languages (French, German and Spanish) from St. Andrews University and is a translator at the FAU Language Service. At the Writing Centre, she offers writing consultations for students writing in English.

We look forward to welcoming you!