Study weeks in the Self-Access Language Learning Centre (SLZ) – Studying together for language examinations

In the week before examinations start (January 29 to February 2), the Self-Access Language Learning Centre will once more make its rooms available for study purposes. Students can meet and talk with others who are studying the same language, and work together to prepare for their language examinations.

Support from tutors, teaching staff and learning advisors

A quiet area will naturally be available for individual study and quiet working (like in the libraries). If you would rather meet in a group to share opinions and discuss questions with others, you can use one of our  group working rooms or comfortable sofas. Most of the time, native language tutors will be on hand to help with any specific questions you may have, and lecturers may also be present. One of our language advisors will usually also be available to give advice on learning techniques.

Drinks and snacks

Drinks and snacks will be available to help keep your energy levels up. Come along to the coffee corner for coffee, tea and cold drinks, as well as some small snacks.

Eine Gruppe Studierender befindet sich in einem Arbeitszimmer. Sie halten Getränke in der Hand. Auf dem Schreibtisch liegt ein großer Karton mit Snacks bereit.


9 am – 1 pm
2 pm – 7pm

If you have any questions about the study week, please contact:

Christian Hagen

Abteilung Medien und Autonomes Lernen