Abteilung Medien

In the week before examinations start (January 29 to February 2), students can meet at the Self-Access Language Learning Centre to talk with others who are studying the same language, and work together to prepare for their language examinations. Lecturers and native language tutors will be on hand to help with any specific questions you may have.

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On Wednesday May 18, 2022, the first session of the language café this semester was held in the courtyard at Bismarkstraße 1a. Language cafés offer students the opportunity to chat to other students in the foreign language, play (language) games and meet new people, all accompanied by a native language tutor.

Category: Abteilung Medien, Allgemein

Now that the new semester has started, the native-language tutoring at the Self-Access Language Learning Centre has started up again as well. At the moment, we can offer tutoring in English, Spanish and German. You can find further information and register via the website.

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