Information for guest students and FAU staff

International exchange students and students participating in an exchange programme are not guest students and can find further information on language courses by clicking on the following link:

FAU staff and guest students can attend lectures and seminars at FAU, including courses at the Language Centre, provided places are still available. Guest students have to be enrolled as a guest student, but this is not necessary for FAU staff.


Guest students and FAU staff have to pay fees for courses offered by the Language Centre (currently €30 / semester hour). The fees which are due are stipulated in the Fee Regulations of the Language Centre.

Special requirements for German courses

Guest students who are interested in taking a German course have to meet the same requirements as applicants for a Bachelor’s degree programme. In other words, they have to prove that they have German language skills equivalent to DSH 2. Further information is available on the website of the Admissions Office.

Guest students are not able to attend German courses below the level of DSH 2.