Standort Erlangen

Information about Erlangen

In Erlangen, practical language teaching and cultural studies are offered in Bachelor’s, Master’s and teaching degrees in languages (also for teaching degree students studying English in Nuremberg). In addition, language courses either integrated into degree programmes, taken alongside degree programmes or studied in addition to other degree programmes can be taken in Erlangen as key qualifications, subject to their own examination regulations and leading to special certificates (e.g. UNIcert© I-IV).

An overview of courses offered by the Language Centre in Erlangen

The Language Centre offers a wide range of language courses which are available to all students at FAU. Different courses are offered in Erlangen and Nuremberg.

Languages offered in Erlangen

The languages marked * are only offered on an irregular basis.

Language Degrees in languages, culture and literature (Bachelor’s., Master’s and teaching degree programmes) Key qualifications (language courses either integrated into degree programmes, taken alongside degree programmes or studied in addition to other degree programmes)
Ethiopian* x
Afrikaans * x
Arabic x x
Chinese x
German x
English x x
Finnish x x
French x
Sign language x x
Icelandic * x x
Italian x x
Japanese x
Catalan * x x
Korean x
Croatian x
Modern Greek x
Dutch x
Norwegian x x
Persian * x x
Polish x
Portuguese x
Romanian x
Russian x x
Swedish x
Spanish x x
Swahili * x
Czech x
Turkish x x
Ukrainan x
Hungarian x

Students can find a detailed list of the various types of courses and options available for having credits obtained in language courses recognised as part of their degree programme on the page ECTS credits from language courses. The following is a brief outline of the most important information for students who would like to take a language course in Erlangen.

Who is responsible for students of English?

Most of the language courses offered in Erlangen are for students studying for a degree in languages. A difference is therefore made between courses within the context of a degree in languages and courses taken alongside or as a integrated part of a degree programme.  The latter can naturally also be taken as an optional additional course.

This distinction means that due to the numbers of students, English is represented by two departments: the Department of English for Students of English and American Studies and the Department of English for Academic and Special Purposes.

Registering for courses and examinations

Students should generally register for language courses via the Language Centre’s own course management system (Oktis). Students with prior knowledge of a language usually have to take a placement test. As the university-wide examination administration system does not record all achievements, in some departments examination achievements also have to be managed via Oktis.


The main offices of the Language Centre are situated in Bismarckstraße 10. Most classrooms are located in or around Bismarckstraße, together with three multimedia language laboratories and the Self-Access Language Learning Centre. The student information desk and the main secretary’s office are also located here. Staff offices are located in Bismarckstraße 10 and Bismarckstraße 1a).

Map of Bismarckstraße and surrounding area

Further classrooms are available in the town centre in the Kollegienhaus and at the Schlossplatz, which is also where the offices of the FAU Language Service, which provides translation services for the University, and Baysev are located.

Map of town centre

Further classrooms which are often used by the Language Centre are available at the Studienzentrum in the Stintzingstraße, in the south of Erlangen.

Map of Studienzentrum Stintzingstraße