German courses for students of all disciplines

German courses for students of all disciplines

Winter semester 2021/22: 18 October 2021 – 11 February 2022

  • For the general course regulations see below.
  • Registration period for German courses for students of all disciplines: 18 October – 20 October 2021
  • Starting date for German courses:
    • In Erlangen from 25 October 2021
    • In Nuremberg from 25 October 2021
  • More details about the Registration German courses for students of all disciplines
  • End of German courses for students of all disciplines: by 11 February 2022

General course regulations

German courses for students of all disciplines at the Language Centre are open to all students enrolled at FAU and other members of the University. Members of the University include employees, those doing a work placement, guest researchers and doctoral candidates. Partners of people in one of the named groups are not entitled to attend the German courses offered by the Language Centre.

Courses are held during the semester. Classes in Erlangen start in the second week of the semester. You can register for courses in Erlangen in the first week of the semester. Courses held in Nuremberg (WISO) always start in the first week of the semester. All courses on offer can be found in the course catalogue.

For example: -> Vorlesungsverzeichnis -> Sprachenzentrum -> Sprachkurse in Erlangen -> Deutsch als Fremdsprache

If you want to attend a course, you first need to have your ability in German assessed. Generally speaking, you can only register for courses aimed at your ability. Absolute beginners are allocated automatically to level A1 or A1.1.

The courses are offered at different levels roughly equivalent to the levels of the Common European Framework of Reference (CER).

Further information on how language proficiency is assessed can be found here:

You can register for German courses in the first week of the semester. You need to come and sign up in person either at the Language Centre in Erlangen or at the Foreign Languages Department in Nuremberg in Lange Gasse. If you can’t make it yourself, you can send someone else to sign up for you. In order to avoid unnecessarily long waiting times, you have to arrange an appointment for registration. Please do so on the following page, where you can also find exactly where you need to go to register:


You need the following when you come to register:

  • Proof that you are a student, guest researcher or member of staff at FAU. Usually it is enough to show your FAUcard or certificate of enrolment.
  • Proof of your language proficiency (test result, transcript of records or recognised certificates).
  • A clear idea of which courses you would like to attend. To help you prepare:

At registration, all students are initially only registered provisionally, in other words everyone is placed on a waiting list. Course places are allocated at the end of the first week of the semester and you are informed by e-mail which courses you have been given a place in. In other words, it makes no difference whether you come at the very beginning of the registration period or at the end.

Anyone who fails to attend the first week of classes without a good reason will lose their place on the course. Their place will then be given immediately to someone on the waiting list.

In justified exceptional cases (illness, visa and immigration problems) you may be allowed to start the course after the first class, provided your language ability has been officially assessed. It is not generally possible to join the course any later than the second class.

Attendance is compulsory in the German courses (see Credits below).

Attendance is compulsory in the German courses. Specifically, this means that in order to receive the credit (grade and ECTS credits) for the course, you have to attend at least 85% of classes and successfully complete the final test set by the teacher.

The grade achieved is entered in mein campus for all students on the course who are enrolled at the University. Those taking the course who are not enrolled at the University can be given a ‘traditional’ certificate stating the grade they achieved once the semester has finished. Anyone who fails the final test can be given an ungraded confirmation of attendance (without ECTS credits).

Students (yellow FAU card) and guest researchers (green FAU card) can take part in these German courses without paying a fee. Guest students and regular employees at FAU (blue FAU card) are charged 30 euros per SWS and semester. Fees should be transferred to the University in the first half of the semester. Further information can be found at:

Classes generally have no more than 25 members. If more than 25 people register for a course, the Head of Department will decide on how to allocate places. Particular attention will be paid to whether attending a course is necessary from the point of view of the curriculum. It is not possible to reserve a place on a course.

Courses with less than 5 students are usually cancelled.

Although the courses are offered at different levels roughly equivalent to those of the Common European Framework of Reference (CER), successfully completing courses on one of these levels does not automatically mean that you have reached that specific level of proficiency. Completing a certain number of courses on one level just means that we think it would make sense for you to take courses at the next level.

The Language Centre does not issue certificates stating that you have reached a certain level of proficiency. If you want proof of having attained a specific level of proficiency, we would recommend taking an examination designed for this such as the various certificates from the Goethe Institut or Volkshochschulverband (telc). For more information, please refer to: Tests and examinations

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