• “Appointments in the Writing Centre helped and encouraged me on three levels:

    1. Professional feedback on my draft
    2. Recommendations in style, grammar and academic language
    3. Challenging questions which increased my motivation and certainty about my thesis”

    — Matthias, Master’s in Human Rights

  • “I love the Writing Centre. There I receive valuable suggestions and advice on my writing, along with recommendations for resources and books so that I can improve my writing on my own.”

    —Skylor, FAU Doctoral Candidate in Education

  • “At the Writing Centre, I learned how to fine-tune my use of comparative structures, subject-verb agreement, and various forms of adjectives and adverbs. My paper is now accepted to be published at a top conference in my research field.“

    — Imrana, Doctoral Candidate in Computer Science

  • “The Writing Centre supported me in the preparation for my state exam in the following areas: writing more fluently and cohesively, using transitions and collocations correctly, and developing a better sense of paragraph structure and order.“

    —Niklas, State Examination in Education

  • “The Writing Centre is a magical place where I can bring and solve any issue with my written English.”

    — Chih-An, Masters in Standards of Decision-Making Across Cultures

Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg