Language cafés

Sprachcafés - treffen, sprechen, zuhören in Ihrer Lieblingssprache

Language cafés: Meet other people, chat, and listen to your favourite language

Come along to one of our language cafés to practice your language skills outside the classroom and have a chat about other countries, culture, hobbies or what you like to do in your free time. You can learn to use the language you are learning in a relaxed, informal atmosphere, together with other students and a native language tutor.

The Self-Access Language Learning Centre organises language cafés in the following languages:

  • German
  • English
  • Spanish
  • French
  • Russian


upcoming events:
German 26.11.2021
(self-access centre), 4.30 pm
3.12.2021 (online/Zoom), 4:30 pm Register
English 26.11.2021
(self-access centre),
15:00 Uhr
3.12.2021 (online/Zoom),
3 pm
Spanish 22.11.2021
(self-access centre),
16:30 Uhr
6.12.2021 (online/Zoom), 4:30pm Register
Russian 22.11.2021
(self-access centre),
19:00 Uhr
6.12.2021 (online/Zoom),
7 pm
French 25.11.2021
(self-access centre),
18:00 Uhr
7.12.2021 (online/Zoom),
5 pm


Eine Übersicht über weitere Termine am Selbstlernzentrum sehen Sie hier.

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