EWF: Descriptive Phonetics / Phonetics 1Theory (AE)



Time and place

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  • Do 8:00-8:45, Room Zoom-Meeting (exclude vac) ICS

Descriptive Phonetics / Phonetics 1: Theory is the prerequisite for Practical Phonetics / Phonetics 2/3.

Students who took up their studies as of WS 2020/21:

Zwischenmodul Language (L-UfE, L-Gym).

Prerequisite: Basismodul Language.

Students who took up their studies before WS 2020/21:

Zwischenmodul Language (L-Gym); Vertiefungsmodul Language (L-UfE).

Prerequisite: Basismodul Language.


Students learn about the sound inventory of English and analyse the sound system from the perspective of German learners of English. They learn about the physiology of sound production as well as phenomena of connected speech such as linking, weakening and assimilation. Students also develop a receptive command of IPA principles and symbols. They contrast native-speaker and non-native-speaker spoken English and can identify common areas of difficulty for learners of English. Students can choose either the American English or British English Descriptive Phonetics / Phonetics 1 lecture on the basis of personal pronunciation and cultural interest. If you identify more strongly with British pronunciation or culture, attend the course taught by Dr. Lorenz (see Sprachkurse in Erlangen). If you identify more strongly with American pronunciation or culture, attend the course taught by Dr. Reif (see Sprachkurse am Campus Regensburger Straße). Both courses will be taught online in winter semester 2022/23, which means that students should choose a lecture based on pronunciation preferences and independent of the lecturers' scheduled locations in Erlangen or Nürnberg.

Additional information

Expected participants: 70