Placement test for preparatory courses (DSH courses)

Placement test for preparatory courses (DSH courses)

Please note:

You can only take this placement test if you have been granted permission from FAU to attend the preparatory DSH course.


  • Date: Wednesday, 20 April 2022
  • Time: 2 pm to 6 pm
  • Room: Audimax, Bismarckstr. 1, 91054 Erlangen
  • Term of applications: 15 March 2022
  • The examination fee of €25 must be paid by money transfer. Information will be given by email during the registration process.

General information

Prospective students can register by 15 March for the test in spring and by 15 September for the test in autumn, using the registration form sent out by the Admissions Office. Please follow the instructions on the form.

Registration forms should be sent to:

Sprachenzentrum der FAU; Abt. Deutsch als Fremdsprache
Bismarckstr. 10
91054 Erlangen

An e-mail is sent automatically confirming that the registration has been completed successfully.

The fee of €25 for the test should be paid in cash approximately two hours before the test is due to start at the place where the test is to be held. You must show your confirmation of admission to the preparatory German course when you come to pay.

The placement test for the preparatory language courses (DSH courses) is intended to ensure that students of approximately the same ability are put in one course. It is not a test aimed at allocating language skills to a certain level of the General European Framework of Reference.

The placement test for the preparatory German courses (DSH courses) is always held shortly before the semester begins, i.e. in April and October. Prospective students must first apply to the the FAU Admissions Office. You cannot take the placement test if you have not been granted admission to the DSH course by FAU.

Requirements for applying are stipulated on the website of the Admissions Office. Candidates should prove that they have German skills equivalent to having completed level A2.

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